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BS999 Swing Riding Indoorbike

BS999 Swing Riding Indoorbike

Total Body Workout Upper body + Core + Lower body training BH introduces patent Swing Riding System, an advanced and dynamic technology, allows you to ride with a full body movement. Your core and upper body will be engaged to balance and adjust the bike as you pedaling, just like riding on a real bike. cardio training + muscle toning Except for traditional cardio training effects, users are toning all their muscle groups at the same time, because it needs users to incorporate their core and upper body while pedaling. More Training Courses It is dynamic on Swing Riding Indoorbike! You can lean to both sides to about 10 degrees, and there is much more possibilities and movement combinations than typical stationary bike. Effective than Ever Pedaling is basic movement on Swing Riding Indoorbike, it is the most important that the natural motion of your body on the machine. Users have to push the pedals up and down while balancing on a bike. It would burn more calories than typical stationary bike. Swing Riding System Applied with the state-of-art engineering and technology, the mechanism is made by complex materials that keeps the frame stable but also with road riding feedback. This innovative systemis maintenance free, no need oil or other treatment. 4 Points Adjustment Ergonomically designed handlebar and saddle are both micro-adjustable, horizontally and vertically. Tig pulse welding BH applies computer pulse tig welding for smooth even fish scalloped surfaces that can enhance the strength of the frame. Commercial Use Magnetic System For commercial use, Swing Riding Indoorbike brings you the most real ride experience with the incredible front drive feature. The top-level magnetic resistance control even improves durability while providing a highly silent workout. Multi-Position Handlebar The special handlebar is designed for multi-purpose use. It allows for posture and riding positions that fit any training courses. Durable Steel Frame Steel frame and extra-wide, stable platform are ideal for any kind of sprinting courses, you can enjoy climbing or standing up cycling. All-aluminum flywheel With CNC machined, the electrolytic flywheel, made with aluminum, prevents sweat and corrosion . It is definitely the highest standard for indoorbike. Three-piece crank set Combining with heavy duty bearings and three-piece crank set allows the cycling movement smoothly. V-belt direct drive system 6 PK V-belt direct drive system assures performance that is very smooth and quiet. Users don't have to maintain or oil the transmission system. Dimensions: 127×87×129.5(cm) Flywheel weight: 3.3KG Weight: 45.5KG Data readout: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, RPM, Heart rate (Chest belt needed, optional)


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