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Elite Kura

Elite Kura

Accurate power measurement ± 1%
Direct Transmission Smart hometrainer.
Integrated power measurement for unprecedented watts accuracy (± 1%).
Double wireless communication protocol ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.
High-rotation speed internal flywheel for great pedalling roundness, as you'd have on the road.
High power output: ideal for cadence, power and sprint-based training sessions. 

Power measurement: The hometrainer has been designed to guarantee very accurate power measurement. The Elite-designed ergometer represents the heart of the product and precisely measures the torque applied to KURA's transmission shaft and calculates the right power level. That's how watts are calcualted and can be accurate with a ±1% tolerance, just like the most precise and professionally used scientific measurement devices.
Direct transmission of power from the athlete. The hometrainer is directly connected to the bike's chain. The effort on pedals always transfers evenly to the resistance unit, thus guaranteeing an optimal indoor training session. This is also how there's no skipping under any circumstance, as for instance sprinting simulations or standing starts.
Pedalling resistance is self-adjusting and progressive and is generated by a fluid technology braking unit, where silicone oil always offers stable and round resistance.
Fluid resistance increases automatically along with speed: you can use the longer gears for power-based sessions and shorter ones for agility based sessions.
High power output: These can be obtained because of an improved internal flywheel, the type and quantity of oil and the improved effort transmission, ideal for power, cadence and sprint-based training sessions.
Quick and easy to use: just substitute the rear wheel of your bike with KURA to easily start training using your gear shifter as you'd do on the road.
Stability and repeatability of use: the die-cast aluminium structure with finned surface and the integrated cooling fan maintain product temperature within the limits that allow for stable power output even during particularly intense training sessions.
Great compatibility with bikes: ideal for road, mountain and city bikes, including carbon ones, with 130-135 x 5 mm hubs with quick clamping system and 142x12 with thru-axle.
Very stable frame, foldable when not in use.
Freehub compatible with standard Shimano-Sram 9/10/11 speed sprocket cassettes. A freehub compatible with standard Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed sprocket cassettes is also available.
Improvement of the athlete's stance: The adjustable, anti-scratch plastic feet perfectly align the bike and guarantee the same saddle position both indoor and outdoors.
​Very practical: The frame can be folded up without using additional tools, to reduce clutter when not in use - it also includes an ergonomic handle to make transport much easier.

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การเชื่อมต่อเทรนเนอร์ Elite กับมอนิเตอร์ยี่ห้ออื่น ๆ

การที่จะนำเทรนเนอร์ไปใช้กับมอนิเตอร์ยี่ห้ออื่น จึงต้องดูด้วยว่ามอนิเตอร์นั้นๆ สามารถรองรับระบบการส่งสัญญาณให้เชื่อมต่อกับเทรนเนอร์ได้หรือไม่? อย่างเทรนเนอร์ของ Elite นั้นสามารถรับและส่งสัญญาณได้ทั้ง Bluetooth และ ANT+ อ่านเพิ่ม..คลิก


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