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Elite Quick Motion

Elite Quick Motion

Realistic Floating-system rollers aid balance during training
-3-level integrated magnetic system.
-Folds into three parts for reduced clutter.
-Parabolic rollers.
-Integrated handle for easier transportation.
-Adjusts to match different bicycle wheelbases.
"A great item of training equipment: this durable and well-made design with its outstanding freely rotating rollers folds away into an extremely space-saving format. And what’s more, its low-noise operation is easy on the nerves"
(Eurobike Gold Award 2016)

Use the Misuro B+ sensor for compatibility with the My E-Training or third party apps.
Frame: The new floating frame features an exclusive and totally redesigned Elite longitudinal oscillating system that absorbs inertia generated by the rider’s movements and compensates the centre of gravity travel, making training on rollers even more natural and intuitive. This system also increases stability and ease of use, so the Quick-Motion is perfect for all levels of performance and fitness, pro and amateurs alike.
Rollers: Three perfectly balanced 85mm-diameter rollers maintain smooth road-like pedaling during training. The signature parabolic rollers (with a 100mm diameters at its ends) guarantee easy and precise control of the bike, as they instantaneously direct the bike towards the center of the roller. Stability and safety is further enhanced due to the optimized distance between the two rear rollers.
Integrated Resistance Unit: The Quick-Motion features an innovative magnetic resistance unit integrated into the central roller, specifically designed with three resistance levels to simulate a wide range of riding conditions, from flats to uphill climbs.
Reduced clutter: The frame is quick and easy to fold and store, with a reduced footprint of almost 50% when not in use.
Easy to transport: When folded, transport is easy and safe due to the ergonomic frame-integrated handle and frame locking system.
Compatible with many bikes: Quick-Motion can be used with both road and mountain bikes. The front roller is easily adjusted to 11 different positions for perfect compatibility with bicycles with frame measurements that range from a minimum distance of 944mm (37 inches) to a max distance of 1144mm (45 inches). The Elite-designed telescopic mechanism makes adjusting the wheel base quick and easy.
Ideal for: Road bike, Mountain bikes, Track bikes, Fixed bikes.


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